Past a certain age, skateboards become less and less commonplace, and are not usually found at furniture fairs. But Daniel Moyer’s, unique FunkinFunction skateboard is truly a board worth highlighting- for its green qualities, and for the daredevil/kid in you. Made from scrap trimmings from the fabrication of hardwood furniture at his studio, the FunkinFunction is a green alternative to the standard longboard skateboards and will be shown at this year’s BKLYN Designs.

Daniel Moyer is a designer and fabricator of hardwood furniture, including chairs, tables and storage pieces, with the excess wood from the fabrication of these pieces laminated and used to create the FunkinFunction. As Moyer says, “Making skateboards from the scrap is even greener, and using other makers’ scrap is the greenest. Longboard skateboarding as a transportation alternative is just plain groovy.” Check out the interview, and if you are around Brooklyn make sure to head out for the show this weekend. And if you are not (such as I), keep checking back on Inhabitat for more coverage on the BKLYN Designs show.

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