Danish architect Knud Kapper has drawn from the tradition of handmade, mid century furniture to create the new eco-friendly Living Kitchen Architecture series which was recently unveiled in New York. The pieces are attentively hand built from solid woods that were harvested from sustainably managed forests under stringent regulations. Engaging, durable and finished with natural wood treatments, Kapper’s kitchen furnishings have a built-in longevity that embody the core meaning of the rooms they establish.

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The progressively green line is available in certified plantation-teak, walnut, ash and oak woods – all solid. All natural oil and soap finishes use renewable plant materials which are easy on the environment as well as indoor air quality. As the pieces age, owners can embrace the seasoned appearance or renew the look with light sanding and reapplication of the eco-friendly wood treatments.

The craftsmanship from Hansen Living cabinetmakers is evident in details like tenoned joints which, in addition to being beautiful, also provide superior strength and durability. While built to last and endear, the absence of toxic finishes and materials makes the Living Kitchen highly recyclable.

Kapper’s fresh designs are a culmination of decades of collaborations with homeowners and professional chefs. The kitchens include many unique and intelligent features that can be appreciated by cooks of any ability. Perforated drawer bottoms, ergonomic design and easily cleanable surfaces are just a few of the well thought out highlights from Living Kitchen.

Steeped in classic design, fine craftsmanship and environmental stewardship, Living Kitchen Architecture won a prestigious ICFF Best Kitchen and Bath product award in 2004. Now available in North America, the versatility, ease and beauty of the pieces are likely to capture the attention of US-based homeowners as well and become permanent, eco-friendly fixtures in contemporary American kitchens. Via Susan Serra Associates