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When Chipperfield won the bid for the Nobel Center last year, his original designs courted both acclaim and controversy. City council members criticized the proposed building’s large size and shiny aesthetic as incompatible with the city’s historic surroundings. In response, Chipperfield revised the design, reducing the building height and length, as well as giving more priority to public spaces.

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“While the fundamental concept of the ‘Nobelhuset’ remains the same, the building has been reduced significantly in size,” says Chipperfield. “It now has a clearer division into a base, middle and top floor that relates to the surrounding structures on the Blasieholmen peninsula.” The modified waterfront design replaces the underground car park and ramp with a public square, and redevelops the Nobel Auditorium to better serve award ceremonies and public meetings. The Nobel Center is slated for inauguration in 2019.

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