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Every year, the Wallpaper Design Award recognizes a person, place, product, or project that has proven itself as a global trendsetter. Pavilion Zero received this year’s award for its creative approach to serving as narrator for man’s evolution from hunter gatherer to producer, his changing relationship with nature, and the culture and rituals that have evolved around food. “We wanted to tell a story which begins from the earliest period of human history, through symbols and myths, the different stages of evolution and man’s relationship with Nature,” says curator Davide Rampello. “The story ends with the current paradox regarding nutrition. [It’s] a fascinating journey that turns a universal story into an individual one.”

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Built mostly from wood, Pavilion Zero’s sculptural facade was designed to evoke the image of the earth’s crust thrust upwards to form mountains and valleys. Designer de Lucchi was directly influenced by the Euganean Hills located between the cities of Padua and Vicenza. The interior is a continuation of the earth crust image through the creation of dark, undulating tunnels and caves that lead to the center, where the “valley of civilization” is located.

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