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Thilo Folkerts, 100 Landschaftsarchitektur, Rodney LaTourelle, Quebec, Canada, Jardin de la Connaissance, mushrooms, decaying books, art, design, green design, sustainable design, experimental art
Photo ©A.R.Mongeon

Folkerts and LaTourelle have been helping to speed up the decaying installation originally designed as part of the International Festival des Jardins de Metis. While some fungi has appeared on its own, the pair are cultivating large, vibrant mushrooms between the pages and have recently begun to introduce moss graffiti to the garden as well! (If you love moss graffiti as much as we do, you can create your own with this nifty DIY tutorial.)

The garden of fading books provides a wonderful habitat for fauna too as a variety of insects have made the stacks of books home. “Culture is fading back into nature,” the creative minds behind this experimental project have said, although they do not make any definitive claims that the experiment will go 100% according to plan. While the original decaying process is a little bit slow, we suspect that the project will progress faster within the next couple of years and the books will start to look more like these abandoned cars reclaimed by nature.

+ Rodney LaTourelle

+ 100 Landschaftsarchitektur

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