Kiddie Co. Walt Disney is launching a line of upscale furniture at the Milan Design Fair in Italy this week. Disney teamed up with Italian furniture makers Cappellini to create a fancy “adult lifestyle brand” called “Walt Disney Signature”, which even includes some eco-friendly designs such as the recycled plastic Fish Chair (shown above). Although we’re happy to hear that Disney is using some eco materials in its designs, we’re a bit befuddled by the whole collection and partnership.

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While the collection’s “Fish Chair” is the only one made from eco-materials, it’s not the only one that’s slightly confusing. Disney has been so successful at bringing out the kid in all of us that we’re not quite sure why they’ve decided to try and tackle the adult market. We’re also skeptical about the rainbow colors and juvenile shapes appealing to most grown-ups.

Nevertheless, we’re pretty psyched that two big names like Disney and Cappellini are showing interest in recycled materials and setting an example for other manufacturers. We’d love to see  them roll out some eco-furniture for kids in the future!

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