Plastic plagues the planet, clogging waterways and the stomachs of unwitting animals, but a new brand of bioplastic bags from Indonesia may offer a solution. Made from cassava root, these bags dissolve in hot water, breaking down into carbon dioxide and water without any toxic residue. Bali-based social enterprise Avani says their bags are biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, and when dissolved, safe enough to drink.

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Many products that are marketed as eco-friendly are not beneficial to the environment. Biodegradable bags sound great, but can often leave toxic residues that make them harmful to marine life and plants. They often don’t degrade as well as claimed, causing death in thousands of sea animals. Avani eco-bags, on the other hand, can be dissolved in hot water almost instantly, soften in cold water, and are naturally converted into carbon dioxide, water and biomass within months. They can even biodegrade in landfills with the help of macro and micro-organisms.

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Avani also makes other types of eco-friendly packaging products such as coffee cups and takeaway food packaging. They use renewable natural resources and claim that the entire production process is completely sustainable. The bags cost less than existing compostable plastics in the market, and the firm donates a portion of their proceeds to various local non-profit environmental projects.

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