Woodland-inspired furniture is all the rage in the hippest of households, so what better way to one-up all your fashionable friends than by building an awesome log bench with your own bare hands? Created for the green-minded DIY fanatic, the Bosbank is a cool new kit by Maandag meubels that provides you with exactly what you need to bring a breath of fresh forest air right into your home or yard. Each Bosbank comes with four galvanized brackets, four wooden legs and two sturdy orange straps to keep that log in place. And while you do have to provide your own hand-sawn log — fallen trees or thinned trees from sustainably managed forests are ideal — you’re sure to find peace once your sitting on your bench and taking in the sounds of the leaves rustling, birds chirping or some sweet indie tunes playing off your iPod.

+ Maandag meubels

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