Fans of the hypermiling super-modded Aerocivic, meet its motorcycle counterpart! Designed and built by velomobile enthusiast Allert Jacobs, this streamlined recumbent motorcycle has been outfitted with an aerodynamic fairing that increases its top speed and enables it to get over 200mpg while cruising at 55mph!

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Jacobs built his hyper-efficient Honda from a Innova motorcycle that weighed in at 231 pounds with a 9 horsepower 4-stroke 125cc engine. An avid recumbent bicycle designer, Jacobs decided to apply the same design principles to his motorcycle, lowering the bike’s riding position and giving it an aerodynamic shell that reduces exposure to oncoming air.

Before modification the motorcycle was capable of hitting a fairly impressive 114mpg, but Jacobs’ modifications pushed that number up to 214mpg. The finished bike features provides enhanced weather production, comfort, and speed, and splits in half to allow easy mounting and dismounting

It’s incredible how a few aerodynamic modifications can dramatically increase the efficiency of a production vehicle. It kind of makes you wonder why the companies producing these vehicles don’t take similar steps to increase their efficiency.

+ Allert Jacobs’ Recumbent Motorbike

Via Ecomodder and Gas2.0