We could all use a peaceful escape from the bustle and stress of our daily lives, but not many of us have the luxury or time to hop on a plane and jet off to a secluded beach or private mountain cabin. But what if we told you that a similar place existed in your own backyard for a mere one-time cost of $28? Created by Aaron Westgate, this relaxing Meditation Temple is a pile of salvaged materials transformed into a beautiful retreat for quietude and contemplation.

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The one-person Meditation Temple is an exploration in micro-architecture and material re-use. Built entirely from salvaged materials, the folly became an exercise in utilizing familiar construction components in unconventional, yet visually striking ways: stacked chunks of 2x4s evoke corbelled masonry, corrugated galvanized steel hand-flattened and trimmed set off a sleek shingled rooftop, and tension-reinforced rafter-tail cutoffs form the distinct conical cover. Utilizing smart and efficient construction methods, the total cost for the temple summed up to just $28 – spent exclusively for the fasteners.

Aaron Westgate is an instructor at Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Warren, Vermont. Yestermorrow focuses on promoting and educating all of their students in sustainable design practices and green building.

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