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To make the Paleolithic-inspired tools, Drach and Granchrow reached out to Hebrew University of Jerusalem. ‘Man Made’ was printed from 3D blueprints based on scans of existing tools found from dig sites. These 3D copies turned out, of course, as a more polished interpretation of the originals thanks to the use of modern technology.

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The multifunctional set affords cutting wood, digging holes, hunting and also self-defense. But more than its function, it’s their unique juxtaposition that reminds us to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements man has made over the centuries.

The Man Made collection was first shown at Any Tokyo last year, then flew to BOZAR in Brussels and will be on show in Milan at MUDEC Museum this October.

+ Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow

Photos by Moti Fishbain

Via Psfk and Dezeen