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Droog Design, Droog shop, product design, Milan Furniture Fair 2013,

Take a look at “Screenings” as you wander, with news of material scarcity around the world, and a look into new urban luxuries inspired by an investigation of Canada’s North. “Upstairs” describes an economic model of upcycling: renewing dead stock to become new, useful products for the commercial market. The “Copy Room” is a commentary on China’s role in creativity and design. The display even turns the tables on them, copying their works in a new collection. TheRijksstudio is also introduced, an database of centuries old artworks that are available to the public for their personal use and reinterpretation.

Fish Restaurant, Studio Droog, Milan Furniture Fair 2013,

Droog doesn’t only consider human needs, they’re also concerned with issues related to animal habitats. Their ‘Fish Restaurant’ will at least make your head turn — especially if you enjoy the decor of Chinese restaurants.

Rag Chair, Studio Droog, Milan Furniture Fair,

If you remember the 1990s like we do, you’ll remember that it was all about embracing the 3 Rs; recycle, reduce and reuse. The Rag Chairby Tejo Remy (1991) was an interpretation of this — a ready-made furniture piece that showcased recycling and adaptive reuse.

Studio Droog, Milan Furniture Fair 2013, upcycling, food tray, Droog Design, skateboard wheels,

In the current era, upcycling is gaining popularity as an alternative to the recycling or disposal of unwanted products. The UP Factory by Droog is a new economic model, treating leftover goods as new raw materials. Tray on Wheels is a composition of a dinner tray mounted on skateboard wheels.

wool, medical plastic, upcycling, Milan Furniture Fair 2013, Studio Droog, Droog Design, Isabel Berglund,

Kids never get to play in the Doctor’s office, but this might be the next best thing. Toy is a bright and cheerful teal-colored creature, upcycled from wool and medical plastic.

Milan Furniture Fair 2013, Droog Design, cup and saucer, porcelain, ink, product design, the faith in,

Take a seat and ponder societal issues while you share a cup of coffee with a friend. My Cup of Thoughts is served hot in upcycled porcelain cups and saucers by Annelys de Vet.

Ruben Iglesias, Studio Droog, Paper Pencil, business model, Milan Furniture Fair 2013,

Paper Pencil replaces the wood body of a traditional pencil with recycled newsprint. Bonus: the packaging demonstrates the economic model of upcycling.

Rijksmuseum, Milan Furniture Fair 2013, Studio Droog, traditional technicals, rubber,

The Dining Room demonstrates some of the possibilities of the Rijksstudio collection. Droog reinterprets pieces from the collection with 3D printed pieces and new material technologies.

The Rubber Tablecloth uses patterns from traditional craft that are transformed through the use of modern techniques. Also pictured, one of 4 Layer Plates that take motifs from historical plates.

Studio Droog, Milan Furniture Fair 2013, rubber tablecloth, rijksmusem, Droog Design, napkin ring,

A ruffled Napkin Collar adds a touch of modern elegance. The design is inspired by a piece from the Rijksstudio.

Studio Droog, Milan Furniture Fair 2013, tableware, Droog design, rijksmuseum, cutlery

Forgotten Tools bring classic cutlery back to life. Who amongst us can claim to own a salt scoop or a butter trowel? These utensils were salvaged from the Rijksstudio collection and assembled like a Swiss army knife.

Droog design, magnetic, 3d printing, Rijksmuseum, Wenzel Jamnitzer, Studio Droog, Centre Piece, Milan Furniture Fair,

This elaborate Center Piece is a delicate composition by Droog, decorated with 3D printed magnetic objects attached to the whole. Pieces are scaled down, miniaturized versions of those featured in the Rijksstudio collection.

Studio Droog, Milan Furniture Fair, The New Original, copycat, Chinese design, imitation

The New Original is a commentary on the copying of designs by Chinese companies. Family Vases extract the colors from classic Chinese vases and distill them into gradients.

Sofa, layered furniture, Droog Design, Milan Furniture Fair 2013,

Katrin Greiling’s Lounge of Layers is a cozy sofa made of layers of upholstered foam.

Studio Droog, Milan Furniture Fair 2013, upcycling, food tray, Droog Design, skateboard wheels,

While you’re visiting, take a moment to stop and enjoy the delights served up by Hotel Droog which is located right next to the Droog shop.

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