Jorge Graca Costa is a prize-winning young architect whose design mantra has always been “architecture for a better future.” As his first major residential project, DT House is a resounding expression of his particular approach. This compact box is a perfect example of how smart, energy-efficient design principles can be applied practically (and beautifully) to fulfill the many requirements of human living. In this case, thinking inside the box, Costa gives us a bioclimatic beauty that is completely out of this biosphere.

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Located in Oeiras, Portugal near the capital city of Lisbon, DT House sits on a hill overlooking the surrounding landscape. Social spaces are located on the first floor while private areas are situated on the upper floor. The volumes are differentiated by two contrasting external claddings.

The residence is served by a passive heating and cooling scheme that is much more efficient than typical heating and cooling technologies. To capitalize on cool sea breezes, the pool is located directly outside the social areas of the house, fulfilling both a social and strategic purpose. The pool water is chemical-free and can also be reused in the garden. Natural lighting spills into every part of the social area downstairs, reducing the need for conventional lighting. Most recently, DT House was one of the many amazing international entrants in the World Architecture Festival’s Private House category.

+ Jorge Graca Costa

Via World Architecture News

Photos by FG + SG Fotografia de Arquitectura