On the subject of art imitating trees, check out this awesome design for tree-like windmills, from One Architecture, Ton Matton and NL Architects in the Netherlands. Leave it to the Dutch to come up with such a clever, beautiful, eco-friendly idea for power generation. This is why I am going to Holland people! (I’m hopping on the next plane over there. Seriously…)

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This design was comissioned by the Dutch government, to develop a next-generation windmill that would be less intrusive in the flat Dutch landscape than the industrial mill-parks that currently generate much of the Netherlands power. The proposed windmill uses an organic branching design that can hold up to 8 turbines and grow as tall as 120 meters. I’m not sure I would call these “unobtrusive” – but they are beautiful enough that it doesn’t really matter.

Spotted via Bright via Reluct