Once a ship’s sail reaches the end of its life, its last port of call is typically the local landfill. Spotted over at Design Milk, Spanish company has come to the rescue of these icons of nautical adventure with a series of furniture made from salvaged sailcloth. The group of architects and designers launched their Living Sails line to recover materials that hold unique histories, and give them a fresh new life through art and expert craftsmanship.

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After a sail becomes too deteriorated to be used for navigation, the tough, weather-resistant fabric becomes the perfect material for outdoor furniture. With sails provided by and support from Spanish architecture studios and Karq Global Design, DVELAS has launched six different lines of modern outdoor appointments.  Each piece is created from one of many different types of sails, and is accompanied by information on the sail’s history, details on the port and boat it came from, and the name of the original sailmaker. Washed and waterproofed, the fabric still features the marks and designs printed on the original cloth.

“Our aim is to recover used sales that already have their own past history, to give them a new life through design and art. All our designs are inspired by observing sailing techniques, nautical construction and the poetry of the sea itself, a conceptual component being essential in all of them, to merge all of this together.” says the DVELAS crew.

The limited-edition pieces are a beautiful marriage of architecture and navigation, and their construction utilizes elements of tension and and equilibrium to give them the feeling of still being propelled by the wind.  DVELAS’ website accepts of sails, which will be transformed into chairs, cushions, shade structures, and floating rafts.


Via Design Milk