Sustainable architecture takes many forms. From minimal site impact to material selection to energy-efficient systems, homeowners have a lot to consider. One California-based builder has placed sustainable, technological and health considerations at the forefront of every design. The result is environmentally-friendly homes that serve fire-prone areas and cater to the needs of off-grid living. 

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The exterior of a single-level home in a desert-like environment.

One of Dvele’s most recent projects is a privately-owned home located in the gated community of the Point Dume Club in Malibu, California. After the previous structure was lost to fire, the homeowner looked to Dvele to prefabricate a home that would be self-powered and fire resistant in the case of a future wildfire threat. 

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The newly-completed home joins a menu of other homes developed by the company, which announced in early December plans to build and scale multi-home developments across California, Colorado, Montana and New Mexico.

A home with open decks lit up at dusk.

Dvele uses high-tech systems to prefab home panels out of light-gauge steel. Not only does this reduce the risk of supply chain issues related to lumber, but it allows precise manufacturing with little waste. The steel is highly fire-resistant, and homes can be constructed quickly with minimal site impact. 

Large windows in a kitchen looking out on the coast.

For energy efficiency, Dvele homes are constructed with a tight envelope that includes triple-pane windows and doors, along with lighting, appliances and electronics that minimize energy usage. Furthermore, each home is equipped with rooftop solar panels and a battery storage system, which will provide backup power in the case of a fire-related or other natural disaster-caused power outage. Homes can also be equipped to function completely off-grid. 

Large windows in a kitchen looking out on the coast.

The health of inhabitants is addressed with a clean air delivery system that relies on sensors to monitor air quality and make changes to provide fresh, filtered air throughout the entire house. The smart system filters out contaminants as they enter the home and as they are produced by activities such as cooking. 

Dvele is also innovating systems that eliminate reliance on natural gas with green design steam ovens, induction cooktops and heat pumps for air and water that minimize environmental impacts.  

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