This holiday, ditch the traditional gingerbread house and make your confectionary construction eco-themed! Khai Foo & Elise Young of Solus Decor and Eastside Design have taken all the sugary pleasures of the gingerbread structures we know and love, and put a sweet eco-twist on them with their Earthship Lollipop! “Combining old school wisdom and high tech convenience, the Earthship Lollipop features a rammed-icing English Mint wall with high Cocoa-mass qualities to mitigate sweet-loss,” write the designers.  They created their eco-conscious treat as part of Creative Room’s Gingerbread competition, where architects laid down their foam core and picked up cookie dough and rice crispy treats in a glorious battle of edible model-making – all to raise funds for Architecture for Humanity. Read on to see the yummy interior of the Earthship Lollipop.

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Though several of the houses are fascinating shapes and layouts, many are excellent demonstrations as to why some architects never became pastry chefs (hey, it’s hard to get precise when there’re sugarplums involved!). Not so with the Earthship. You can argue about the sustainable value of rammed-icing walls, but you can’t deny the sharp, clean lines of the piping.

Other entries include mgb Ginger Tower by mgb architecture – a spinning spiral of cookies, an untitled chain-link cookie byMeanured Architects,  and a gorgeous sprinkle-green Candy Bar by Busby Perkins and Will. Bidding on all gingerbread houses is now open, and will culminate with a gala in Vancouver on December 10th. All proceeds go to AfH.

“Though the house is fueled by high-fructose corn-syrup, the organic (sugar glass) solar panels and windmill can provide supplementary energy, if eaten, ” write Young and Foo. “The house materials are 100% locally sourced and bio-digestible.” With a piping mug of cocoa-plaster, no doubt. Is it really sustainable if it only lasts long enough to get in our bellies?

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