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Espai Ridaura consists of two well-defined volumes that “slide” against one another. The center is made from a mix of local earth, cement and gravel, and its earthy color is due to natural pigments. The building shelters a multipurpose hall, projection and lighting control rooms, a reception area, a ticket office, a small bar, a music school and toilets. Its main feature is a luscious green roof planted with rich and varied vegetation that provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation for the interior.

Located in Girona’s Santa Cristina d’Aro, Espai Ridaura is also equipped with solar thermal panels to generate hot water and an energy-efficient lighting system. With room for 345-seated spectators, the center is growing as a result of its large amount of tourist activity and cultural offerings during the summer months.

In a constant reminder of its beautiful natural surroundings, the auditorium’s main stage has a big glazed backdrop that provides natural lighting and gorgeous views into the leafy woodland behind it.

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