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Ecologia Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Sustainable, LEED Platinum, Gervais Fortin, single family home, recycled, eco-friendly, contemporary, Biogeometry, electromagnetic fields, balanced home

The exterior design of the building is a mixture of two very eco-friendly and locally-sourced products. The structure of the house is built from insulated concrete forms, which is 100% recycled material spread with concrete that contains 39% recycled product. Quebec-based Demix Béton provide the concrete for this project. The facade, though, is stone from a local quarry, and its imposing presence on the street scape is very contemporary. A fiberglass roof with a green roof installed above it helps to keep heat gain down in this urban environment. Double glazed windows also help to keep the heat loss to a minimum during the Canadian winters.

The interiors of the home are very impressive; a local artisan crafted a hemp and lime wall mixture so that the interior walls did not contain gypsum or paint. The walls are wonderfully rich and complex because of this. The white ash floors are also very textual and bright, while they hide radiant piping below. All appliances are long-lasting and energy efficient. Low-flow water fixtures and plumbing help to keep water consumption to a minimum. Also, all indoor furniture is locally made with durable and Eco-friendly materials.

Ecologia Montréal is believed to be the first home in Quebec to integrate BioGeometryscience in a dwelling’s design. This science controls electromagnetic fields in order to consider the energy of the earth on a space. It also infuses domestic water supplies in a vortex in order to shape a two or three dimensional shape, which is specifically designed to interact with the earth’s energy fields. The purpose of this science is to balance, on multiple levels, our biological systems.

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