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e(co)stratègia, taller Sau Arquitectura, nature bridge, barcelona, collserola mountains, landscape architecture

Taller Sau Arquitectura recently received first prize in a design competition to come up with urban interventions to reconnect the Collserola Mountains with the city of Barcelona. The competition was about rethinking the border between the natural park of Collserola and the City of Barcelona. This border was divided into 16 parts called “Les portes de Collserola” and many firms came up with proposals for them that worked with their context, location and needs for the area.

Taller Sau’s winning design, named e(co)stratègia, is a proposal for the 13th door adjacent to the neighborhood of La Trinitat is on the north side of the city. The area is one of the main entrances to the city by car and large highway fragments fabric, dividing neighborhoods and green pockets. Their proposal calls for a land bridge that creates a nature connection between the surrounding green spaces, the river, La Trinitat and the city to the south. The space is neither wild nor an manicured urban park, but rather domesticated nature, where one can find community vegetable gardens, open air green spaces, paths, wildflowers and lots of trees. No word yet on when this project could be implemented, but we’re always a fan of reconnecting with nature.

Images ©Taller Sau Arquitectura