Costanera Sur is a proposal for a vertical zoo in Buenos Aires that transforms a pile of rubble into a towering pillar of falling water. Designed by Visiondivision, the project aims to reclaim debris left over from the construction of Buenos Aires’ decades-old highways, is entirely self-sufficient, and could theoretically provide water and energy to surrounding structures.

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Costanera Sur features a central pipe structure that draws water from a nearby river, filters it, and pumps it through the building, eventually overflowing a rooftop pool and creating a waterfall that flows over the building’s facade. At the basement level, energy from the waterfall is turned into electricity through the use of turbines and a central generator.

Visiondivison’s vertical zoo is a mixed-use structure, with monkeys and birds allowed to roam free in the building, which also contains food storage, a veterinary facility, observation decks, and a cafe. Other animals are contained on separate floors that feature appropriate habitats and individual balconies. The rooftop pool also houses dolphins.

Costanera Sur is an imaginative idea if nothing else, but we’re skeptical about the practicalities of keeping dolphins on the roof and letting monkeys wander free. There’s also some improbable physics to be worked out with finding a way to transport all that water to the top of the building, even if it generates some energy on the way down (perpetual motion, anyone?) Still, we like the idea of making a more interactive zoo — especially one that is completely self-sufficient.

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