Danish architecture firm Eentileen has teamed up with Facit Homes to build Villa Asserbo, the firm’s first digitally fabricated, sustainable, inexpensive home, located in woodland around 60 kilometers north of Copenhagen. Using 820 sheets of plywood from sustainable forests in Finland, the architects fed digital designs for the 1,345-square-foot home into a CNC printer — a room-sized computerized drill — which enabled them to construct the home in just four weeks.

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The efficient and precise CNC printing technique has been gaining popularity with all manner of designers in recent years, and another house constructed using much the same technique was recently unveiled at the Milan Furniture Fair. Architect Frederik Agdrup told Reuters that “by producing on a CNC-machine we can… keep the amount of waste very low,” adding that “a goal in this project has been to try and make the most CO2 friendly house possible.”

Agdrup and his colleague Nicholas Bjorndal used a number of techniques to achieve sustainable efficiency in Villa Asserbo. Not only does the CNC printing technique applied to wood from sustainable forests help to reduce waste, but it also helps builders to avoid using other, more wasteful building materials. With the CNC printer spitting out perfect jigsaw pieces, they were able to construct the house without using concrete or other such materials with an emissions-heavy manufacturing process.

The architects did utilize some some structural steel, along with screw pile foundations — and of course, glass for the windows. These foundations not only allow for the avoidance of concrete, but also ensure minimal disruption to the land and enable the house to be moved with little impact on the immediate environment. Solar heating further reduces the impact of the home.

Eenileen’s approach is interesting, not only for the techniques used, but the possibilities it raises as to a  broader application of the method. In the Reuters video of the home, Anders Thomsen of the Technological Institute of Denmark poses that Villa Asserbo is “global… you have… design, interface, everything in a digital platform. And you can just deliver that file to Norway, to China, to the countries that you want to export this concept to.”

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