Copenhagen-based Rand Boats has earned an international reputation for developing modern, affordable motorboats that are designed to be respectful to nature. Now, the company has unveiled the Leisure 28, a sleek motorboat built out of recycled plastic that runs on an all-electric motor.

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side view of motorboat in the water

For many people enjoying a bit of fun in the sun, putting up with the hostile sounds and polluting smoke generated by motorboats is just a regular inconvenience when it comes to spending time on the water. Whether small lakes or large seas, these whirring beasts have ruled the waterways for decades, often at the cost of clean water and air.

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aerial shot of boat with wooden interior

back view of the seating space in a motorboat

Now, boat manufacturers are looking for a better, more eco-friendly way of boating. For Danish company Rand Boats, this means building sleek, minimalist boats with all-electric systems. Already well-known for its sustainable boat designs, Rand Boats’ latest project, Leisure 28, is outfitted with an electric propulsion system that lets it run up to 45 mph for up to two hours.

seating area on a boat

interior seating area of boat

In addition to providing boaters with a more eco-friendly electric motor, Rand Boats also ensured the materials used to manufacture its boats are environmentally sound. In fact, in most of its boats, the company uses materials developed from recycled plastic and bio-based hybrids in order to minimize the environmental impact of its fleet of cruisers.

charcoal gray boat on water

boat with wooden interior deck

Not only is the sustainable boat created to bring a little more peace to the waterways thanks to its quiet motor, but it can also become the ultimate party boat. Leisure 28 was crafted to accommodate up to 12 people who can enjoy a nice outdoor lunch on the built-in adjustable dining table. When not in use, the table can be folded into a relaxing, king-sized sundeck to sit back and soak up some rays. There is also a sufficient kitchen and bar area on the top deck as well as a small cabin with enough room for a queen-sized bed below deck.

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