Swedish company Form Nasielsky was showing this multi-tasking wine glass chandelier at ICFF this year. The fabulously efficient Glasklasen doubles as storage space / drying rack for your wine glasses, as well as a conversation starter / chandelier that refracts light in interesting ways, depending on the type of glasses you hang in it.

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Glasklasen is made up of a metal frame around a clear bulb, designed to be hung over your dining table. You store your wine glasses in the Glasklasen, use them at a dinner party, and then wash and replace them in the chandelier when you are finished. The design comes in two sizes and in three different surface treatments; black lacquered, clear lacquered and chromium-plated. There is also a 16-glass version with a tea light holder instead of electric fitting, called Ljusklasen. You can also order custom designs straight from Form Nasielsky.

I want to get me a couple of these, just so I can have an excuse to practice saying “Glasklasen” and “Ljusklasen” In fact, how does one say “Ljusklasen”? Any Swedes out there to help me solve this mystery?