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Although the luxurious home may seem to be way more glitz than rustic, connecting the home to Nevada’s rural landscape drove the entire design process. All of the materials layered throughout the structure, from the basement to the top floor, represent the various layers and density of rock found within the adjacent Red Rock Mountain Range. This diversity in the building materials gives the home an angled, multi-textured appearance that makes it difficult to decipher where the manmade structure ends and nature begins.

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The expansive 8,000 square foot home was developed to provide its residents with an indoor/outdoor desert retreat. Four large exterior courtyards are surrounded by the home’s four bedrooms and bathrooms, a great room, office, gym, entertainment space, media room, wine cellar, family room, and a roof deck and swimming pool.

Inspired by the various shadow patterns found on the desert floor due to the nearby mountain formations, a mesh screen is used to protect the interior from excessive heat from the harsh sun and provides enjoyable spots of shade on the various courtyards. The screen is wrapped almost two feet from the exterior walls to deflect the heat, while allowing for ample natural light to enter the home.

According to the architects, bringing the exterior into the interior was integral to the design strategy. “tresARCA has been developed around a simple expression of forms and materials. Separated into functions, the forms create opportunities for protected courtyards, cross circulation within all the spaces and the penetration of indirect natural light. Glamour and glitz have been substituted with meaningful purpose.”

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Photography © Zack Hussain and Bill Timmerman

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