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embassy of the drowned nations, sea level rise, rising tides, ellis island, sydney, fort dennison, oculus, eco architecture, sustainable architecture, global warming, climate change, australia, refugee, refuge, shelter, green design One of the winners of the Sea Change 2030+ competition, the Embassy will serve as both temporary housing and to spread awareness about rising sea levels. The innovative inverted design of the island will cause it to sink deeper into the harbor as water levels rise, while at the same time exposing new land in the center of the mini-city. “The newly exposed land will be the possession of the people that have lost theirs: an echo of the loss they have endured with the gift of a new space,” writes Oculus in their proposal.

During their time on the island, rising tide refugees will be given the chance to grieve and recuperate in a safe space. When they are ready to move on, they will have to opportunity to join Australian society. The island will also house a Climate Change Institute and Research Center.

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