Pordenone, Italyis primarily a stretch of sprawling countryside, but a series of commercial warehouses to the east have given way to an unsightly effect on the lush land. ‘Emotioning Topography’, a proposal by Disguincio & Co., hopes to “re-territorialize” these spaces by renovating their facades and integrating a parking solution that melds with the surrounding environment. Through the staging of a new landscape, the designers attempt to absorb the character of the surrounding fields with a green canopy that can also harnesses the sun’s energy for use inside.

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A light modular structure supports a semi-transparent protective high-tech fabric covered with 30,000 flexible blades over 4,000 square meters parking area. In the summer season, the system offers a delightful diffused shadow in different layers. The rubber blades are moved by the wind to create a visible and emotional landscape reminiscent of an evergreen grass field. The blades are part of a photovoltaic system and covered by a soft and flexible membrane equipped with small semi-spherical silicon spheres for solar energy capture.

+ Disguincio & Co.

Renderings: Telegram 71