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The “secret” shop lies behind an expertly curated potted plant garden that encircles a slick glass building. Unlike any regular old homogeneous green wall (not that ivy doesn’t have its own charm), this garden is a blend of Japanese garden plants and exotics that mixes color, texture, and form. As you can see, there are bushy evergreens, leafy maples and even some flowers and entire trees thrown into the bunch.

So while you would already be pretty impressed if you were to pass by this oasis in the city, imagine how cool it would be to see the green wall open up and watch a man emerge from within! The shop inside the garden, called Kaza Hana, is a cafe, bar, florist and garden design company that is almost as green on the interior as it is on the exterior. Plants dot the floor in pots, hang from the ceiling and the flower shop actually turns one entire wall green. If you’re ever in Aoyama, this plant-lover’s paradise is definitely worth a visit – and you can even have a yummylunch of katsu curry, salad and soup inside!

Via TokyoGreenSpace