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Urban Woods, Yoshiaki Oyabu Architects, green renovation, shade, re-skinning, vertical garden, exoskeleton

The goal of the renovation was to reintroduce the concept of nature alongside a wide and very busy street. Additionally, the clients hoped to improve the commercial appeal of the building through a more interesting and aesthetically pleasing facade. The installation is conceived as a small forest composed of a random assemblage of wood beams that loosely wrap the building’s volume. Natural materials and an organic arrangement contrast with the organized steel and glass building. It is as though a parasite had sprouted at the base of the building and was taking over.

The ‘forest elements’ can be easily seen from the interior and even work their way inside, spreading onto the ceiling like a system of roots. As part of the installation, a long bench and outdoor terrace were also created within the exoskeleton to create a semi-private space outside. Trees and ivy have been planted around the building and will grow along the beams, eventually encasing them completely. The end result will be an ivy covered structure that improves the aesthetics of the industrial building in a busy area. The ivy and beams also act to shade the building, keeping the interior cool, and the installation will be a buffer against the street noise.

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Images ©Yoshiaki Oyabu Architects