This simple, yet striking residence in Indonesia was built with a surprisingly small budget – $17,500. Looking at it, one would never guess such a low build-out cost, but there it is. The 3-bedroom  D-Minution House is intended to provide affordable housing and was built on a 1,000-square-foot site in Jakarta, Indonesia, by SUB. Studio for visionary design. Constructed with simple materials, such as concrete, steel, wood and glass, the home blends into the surrounding architecture in Jakarta, but is a far cry from the average home.

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When it came to the interior, the architects were largely concerned with choosing appropriate materials and creating a connection between the indoors and the outdoor terrace.

All the rooms in the house look out onto the terrace and garden, which is stark but beautiful. The three bedrooms and living area plus kitchen amount to only 1,050 square feet of space.  Large glass windows and doors open up to the outdoor terrace expanding the living area when the weather nice, or to accommodate for more natural ventilation.

All the materials were raw, without any finish. The brick, roofing material, cement board, steel and solid wood were all found locally and then put together to resemble traditional Indonesian typologies.

Built for a tropical climate, natural ventilation is used to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. Large windows are used both for daylighting and to increase air circulation. On the second floor, the windows have a 30 cm gap to allow air to circulate. When it rains, a cool breeze enters the house, and coupled with large overhanging eaves, the house remains dry, but sufficiently cool.

+ SUB. Studio for visionary design

Via Archdaily