With a trio of renewable energy generating systems and a space-age transient roof, the Ephemeral Roof Exchange is a futuristic design proposal for a major transport hub in Hong Kong. Designed by Steven Ma Tze Chung, Wendy Fok Wei Yue and Dominik Strzelec, the sleek structure welcomes travelers from three points of entry – by air, by sea and by road.

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The Ephemeral Roof Exchange was submitted as an entry in the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facility Design Competition, and was a strong contender, but ended up placing 2nd. Last week we wrote about the first prize design, “Under the Same Roof”, which featured indoor gardens that helped improve the air quality.

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Unlike “Under the Same Roof,” the Ephemeral Roof Exchange focuses on three distinct renewable energy systems: the south facade on the Hong Kong/Kowloon exchange is covered in photovoltaic louvers to generate power. In the HK/Macao/Zhuhai Terminal, a hydro collective system that collects humidity and rain water hydro-energy would provide a cooling system for the waiting guests. And finally, a piezoelectrical system is embedded into the asphalt and landscaping throughout the site, which collects sound and vibrational energy from the numerous passing vehicles during the border crossing to generate renewable energy.

The Boundary Crossing Facility will be a transportation hub to process travelers and cargo, which arrive and depart from the nearby international airport, the connecting road network and eventually a thriving waterways network. Those three modes of transport each have their own entrance and exit and come together in the center of the structure like a flower. The nature of the building is transient in form and pattern.

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