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Lit with blue glowing LED lights, Sziksz and Carroll’s designs are backlight by the sun during the day. Scattered across an arched wall, Sziksz’s screen prints act as tiny port holes. Each is made up of a smooth circular piece of ice, cut with a chainsaw from the nearby river. The artist then prepares each of the ice discs by ironing them, gently melting them to a flat surface which will receive ink in a continuous tone.

Once prepared, the ice discs are then screen printed with Sziksz’s imagery- finger prints, vintage portraits and silhouettes are temporarily attached to the frozen pieces. In the freezing temperature of the hotel, the screen printed ice will last the season, but once the weather warms up, each artwork will melt away.

To coincide with the dream-like feeling of the ice circles, the team designed a three dimensional cloud mural for the walls of the room. Using a projector, the clouds were carved from the packed snow, surrounding the glowing ice bed. A faux-window was carved on the opposite wall, overlooking a cloudscape that is illuminated with blue light projections.

The ILLUMINATED room continues the Ice Hotel’s tradition of creating a fantastical winter experience, fusing art, design and the beauty of snow architecture.

+Eszter Augustine-Sziksz 

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