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The LED light segments in Snow Words are based a code derived from an aperiodic sequence. The lights are grouped together in varying pairings and spacing to represent mathematical equations involving prime numbers.  The installation rains down in glowing light from ceiling to floor, making it appear as though a moving column of light is passing through the building.

The light sculpture is capped by a glazed skylight and set on a mirrored floor, which further creates a feeling that the lights are ascending into the sky. Stretching upwards for almost 30 feet, the installation is made from 24 aluminum tubes which hold 206 LED strips in translucent acrylic bars.

Complementing the snowy arctic environment of Alaska, the aluminum columns each light up on their own frequency. The light morphs and changes throughout the day, reacting directly to the extreme changing light of the Alaska region.

Balmond’s Snow Words is a heavenly beacon that utilizes the beneficial glow of LED lights in a symbolic tribute to fallen heroes.

+ Balmond Studio

Via World Architecture News