Europe is a big place and as such, climate change will affect the continent’s cities in different ways. For example, if sea levels rise, there is a good chance that Venice will be underwater, but what about the other cities of Europe – London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Madrid? Well, the European Environment Agency (EEA) believe they know what could happen and have published a series of detailed interactive maps that allow users to explore data from more than 500 cities across Europe.

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Unsurprisingly, one of the main effects of climate change in Europe will be increased frequency and intensity of river floods and extreme temperature events. In the recently published EEA report ‘Urban adaptation to climate change in Europe’, the organization provided several maps, all of which have now been made available on the interactive Eye on Earth information service.

What’s great about the service’s interactivity is that it allows users to explore data from more than 500 cities in Europe and get a quick impression of whether their home is at threat. (Click here to explore the Eye on Earth map.)

The map provides three different information layers: The share of green urban areas that could provide cooling during heat waves; the population density per city which is associated with variables such as the lack of green space, high building mass storing heat and anthropogenic heat production that can intensify the‘urban heat island’ effect; and climate change projections on increases in the number of combined tropical nights and hot days.

+ European Environment Agency (EEA)

+ Eye on Earth Interactive Service


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