Living on the road typically means having to sacrifice some living space, but one savvy camper company has designed an expandable truck that adds more space on demand. Dutch company Haaks has a long history of creating comfortable and functional campers built for off-grid living, but now it has outdone itself with the Opperland — a wooden camper with a pop-up roof that allows it to become a two-story tiny home.

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blue truck with wooden box on its flatbed

Haaks’ campers are designed to provide travelers with a strong connection to nature. The campers are modular concepts built with eco-friendly materials, such as sustainably sourced wood, and come with solar panels and other off-grid features. Additionally, the compact campers can be easily transported to any dream location.

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blue truck with cabin on green setting

living space inside camper with fold-out back door

Measuring just 13 feet long and 7 feet wide, the box-like Opperland offers less than 100 square feet of living space on the ground floor. But once it is set in place, the compact camper‘s unique system snaps into action to offer way more than what meets the eye.

truck with large wooden box on the highway

wooden camper inside large garage space

Once it has been driven by its accompanying Fiat Ducato truck to the desired location, the compact camper slides easily off of the flatbed. A set of hydraulic legs sets the camper firmly on level ground, but it remains elevated off the landscape to reduce its footprint. Once in place, a push of a button opens a pop-up roof, converting the box into a two-story tiny house.

blue truck with wooden box

blue truck with wooden box driving on urban road

The Opperland comes with all the amenities needed to live out your tiny home dreams. The upper floor houses a bedroom, while the ground floor has space for a kitchen complete with an induction cook-top, a refrigerator and ample counter space. The corner next to the kitchen is outfitted with a small sofa and a dining table. To connect the cozy interiors to the great outdoors, the end wall of the camper can be folded up to open the living area to the natural surroundings.

truck with camper driving down the highway

front view of blue truck carrying a wooden box camper

A small staircase at the end of the kitchen leads to the upper floor bedroom. The sleeping loft features enough space for a double mattress. Underneath, a small bathroom includes a toilet and shower. Although the basic Opperland camper has been created to provide most of the necessities required to live on the road, the camper, which starts at $107,150, can also be customized.

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