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Paredes Pedrosa, Kid University in Gandia, Valencia, Spain, Nature, Education, Experimental design, green design, sustainable design, mulberry trees, Gandia municipality

The Gandía Kid University was organized around and protects six existing white mulberry trees scattered around a central courtyard. All of the learning activities and workshops take place here – in this central natural setting – with the intention of encouraging creativity among children.

Interior spaces are well-lit and naturally ventilated and they maintain a visual and close spatial connection with the green courtyard. And finally, the low-lying, 1,075 square meter facility is clad in white ceramic tiles that foster a sense of continuity. Combining learning and nature as part of any educational program is A-OK with us and we hope the trend will continue!

+ Paredes Pedrosa

Via Arch Daily

Images © Roland Halbe, © Luis Asín