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Liter of Light’s founder Illac Diaz commissioned Stephen Lamb from Touching the Earth Lightly to design their Shanghai Biennale pavilion, and Lamb in turn teamed up with artist Andrew Lord. Inspired to find proudly South African low cost housing solutions for their home city – Cape Town – the sustainability-minded creative duo were also very interested to sprout healthy crops in what might be considered “dead spaces.” This is how the idea for the bamboo mushroom farm was born.

The very first of its kind in the world, the bamboo mushroom farm is comprised of locally-sourced bamboo stems that were split open, filled with mycelium, and then drilled back together with space for the mushrooms to sprout. A timed mister keeps the environment moist while the rooftop solar bulbs provide just the right amount of lighting to help the mushrooms grow. This entire project was executed using both the expertise and materials of local Chinese and the concept can be replicated anywhere. The pavilion will be up until March, 2013, so really, if you have a chance to check it out, please do. And send us photos!

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