Felix Groll and Felix Hardmood Beck’s Mategon reinterprets the shape and material of traditional Argentine Mate vessels, which are traditionally made from dried calabash gourds. The modern faceted cup is a clever twist on the classic South American design that takes tea drinking to a new level. We spotted Mategon at this year’s bustling DMY Berlin design fair.

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Drinking mate is a still very popular tradition in South America, particularly in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. It consists on pouring hot water into finely chopped mate leaves, which are traditionally placed in a hollow calabash gourd. The tea is drunk from a metal straw called a Bombilla and it has plenty of ‘mateina’, which wakes you up and is high in antioxidants. 

The modern Mategon vessel is generated using a mix of computers and craftwork. The designers are currently looking for buyers and deciding on which type of wood to use. Groll and Beck are designers and lecturers at the Berlin University of the Arts.

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