This green Ekokook kitchen by Faltazi design is one of the most well-researched culinary concepts we have seen. Ekokook proposes that in the future, the general public will strive to become self-sufficient in their homes, and they will do so through conservation and reuse. Eco enthusiasts will drool over the abundance of green features and efficient functionality, and the hearts of design aficionados will beat a bit faster when they see the clean lines, polished renderings, and ultra-cool process video.

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The Ekokook kitchen is complex and addresses many needs beyond cooking, such as the short-term storage of fresh vegetables, water conservation, container gardening, sorting waste, recycling, and composting. They have even made it simple to break down waste storage into categories of solid, organic, and liquid. There are also accommodations for energy-saving appliances, such as a twin-tier dishwasher, steam oven, and compartmentalized refrigerator.

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The designers at Faltazi have been collaborating since 2000, and their synergy shows in their presentation. Even if you have little understanding of French, their step-by step explanation of the system is so visually thorough that it barely has a need for narration. Check out the gallery below for some wonderful images of the design.

Well done Faltazi. Now, who will be the courageous manufacturer to make this concept a reality, because we can think of quite a few eco-enthusiasts who would want this system!

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