COVID-19 made the world painfully aware that simply doing normal things, like going to the grocery store, can be dangerous. Grocery delivery can be safer and, for some customers, greener than typical grocery shopping. One green option, Farmstead, offers free delivery in an attempt to change the shopping game. Its model, technology and vision for the future differ from other online grocer services.

A yellow bag reading "Farmstead" with a bottle of milk and three brown eggs to the left and a bunch of carrots to the right.

Beginning to launch services in Charlotte, Farmstead will introduce the very first online service to offer fresh, high-quality groceries delivered to customers for free. While Farmstead makes waves in North Carolina, the company actually started on the other side of the country. In San Francisco, Farmstead began with a different business model than many other online grocers. Farmstead created warehouses geared toward delivery, not shopping. This delivery-centric model focuses not just on making things easier for customers but also on solving a world problem.

A person holding a cellphone.

The Farmstead business model includes plans to reduce food waste and to provide fresh, affordable food to a wide group of customers. The company wants to provide food with no markups and no stockouts. Farmstead provides selections from national brands as well as local brands.

A digital grocery ordering interface, showing a cart with strawberries and milk.

AI technology helps Farmstead change the way groceries are purchased and how food moves throughout the country. The company’s goal is to make high-quality local food available to everyone. Farmstead hopes to soon be available everywhere, from North Carolina to California.

A basket full of produce, including squash and tomatoes.

The service offers multiple ways for consumers to save money. Customers who buy the same products multiple times will get a 5% discount on those items. There’s no monthly fee and no delivery charge. Customers can even request same-day service when they place a grocery order.

A hand grabbing an apple from a brown shopping bag.

The grocery-buying AI system will help you purchase only what you need. This helps reduce food waste, which helps everyone build a greener, healthier world.

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Images via Farmstead, Pexels and Pixabay