Alain Berteau, architect, interior designer, and product designer has designed some fabulously efficient chairs that are noteworthy both for their ingenuity and frugality of material. The Fence Chair effectively utilizes a single angle that allows it to be packed tightly for shipping and, once assembled; the individual chairs can be linked to form continuous seating for a larger group.

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Berteau also unveilied the Cover Chair at the Interieur 2006 in Kortrijk, where he was chosen as Designer of the Year. The Cover Chair’s shipping box (made with recycled content) becomes a sturdy chair when covered with the included foam pad and cover, again eliminating excess waste and shipping material. While we appreciate the concept of this one, we we regret that it does not have the same aesthetic of the Fence and Instant Chair, and ultimately looks…like a box.

+ Alain Berteau

(thanks, Serge!)