A newly-opened dog run in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is putting an ecological twist on poop scooping. Dog owners visiting East River State Park are being asked to forgo doggie waste bags and instead pop their pets’ poo into a cedar compost bin to be converted into fertilizer for the park’s landscaping needs.

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Although similar dog poo composting systems already exist in other states, East River State Park’s is the first of its kind in any New York public park. According to Leslie Wright, the regional director of state parks in New York City, who cut the ribbon on the park’s new pooch playground, the program is already quite popular. “People in the neighborhood were really receptive,” she said. “It’s a really savvy, really progressive community.”

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According to Wright, park-goers will be provided with scoops or biodegradable paper bags to deposit into the large waste bucket, which is housed in a lovely cedar box. Untreated sawdust will be added to the excrement to kill odor and help it degrade. Once full, the bin will be emptied into a separate container to fully complete the composting process so that the mixture can subsequently used in the park landscaping.

Via Brooklyn Paper

Images via East River State Park Dog Run Facebook and Creative Commons