Aedas recently announced the completion of the first phase of its seaside eco-resort at Huidong, Guangdong, China. The natural setting of this seaside town, located 40 miles from Shenzhen, is the perfect ambiance for the resort, which is not only driving tourism development along the water, but is designed as an example of sustainable design for the region.

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The masterplan of this seaside resort included a 3600 square meter clubhouse, townhouse villas, semi-detached villas, and stacked townhouse cillas with sizes ranging from 180-200 square meters each. This project was completed in October of 2012 and this 53,000 square foot development was shown as a portion of what is to come for Xunliao Seaside Resort District. The total site development will be around 430,000 square meters.

The objective of the developer was to provide as many sea-views as possible for the residential units that were developed. The team at Aedas responded to this challenge through unique architectural spatial planning that did not sacrifice the exposure of these units to the beautiful natural environment in which they sat. The designs reflect the natural surroundings by even utilizing similar natural finishes in order for the building to begin to blend into the sea-side hills. The only organic form which comes across as more impressive than chameleon is the clubhouse, which crawls above the lake as if an animal was emerging from the sea.

The sustainable features of this development include maximizing daylighting throughout the residential units, and utilizing shading techniques to reduce the heat gain from sun exposure. Broad roof eaves, horizontal shading elements, and other shading louvers were integrated into the building designs as shading devices. All units were also designed to maximize the amount of cross ventilation that each unit receives in order to keep the comfort levels at the resort in perfect stasis.

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