Sekita Design Studio just unveiled a series of beautiful flat-pack paper chairs that pop up in a snap without the use of screws or glue. The modular chairs can be assembled, reshaped, and transformed by adding different sections, and their elegant design keeps material use to a minimum.

sekita design studio, london design festival, flatpack chair, paper furniture, green design, eco design, sustainable furniturePhoto by Charlene Lam for Inhabitat

Unveiled at the London Design Festival, Sekita Design Studio‘s new “Watching You” chairs are inspired by the play of shadow and light. Their minimalist white color makes them look effortlessly modern and elegant, while their zig-zagging construction adds texture and visual interest, eliminating the need for further embellishment.

In addition to being light on construction costs and energy, the lightweight chairs are easily transportable, and they can be collapsed for storage. By restricting their use of materials to paper, the studio has considered the consequences and environmental impact of their designs.

+ Sekita Design Studio