One of the most eagerly-awaited floating hotels has finally opened their doors. Located on Sweden’s remote Lule River, the Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa is a nest-inspired, circular building that floats on the water during the summer months and is suspended on top of the frozen lake during winter. Designed by architectural team Johan Kauppi, Annkathrin Lundqvist and Bertil Hagström, the striking design incorporates several luxury cabins built with all-natural, sustainable materials.

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walkway leading up to nest-like building

While there are several floating spas located around the world, this particular project is certainly one of a kind. Located on the Lule River in Swedish Lapland, guests to the hotel and spa will be able to enjoy a spectacularly idyllic region often referred to as Northern Europe’s last remaining wilderness.

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aerial shot of nestlike building with pool in the middle

The remote solitude is the perfect backdrop for an otherworldly spa experience. The circular building, which is reached by a wide wooden walkway that leads from the lake’s shore, features a spa, saunas, a hot bath and indoor and outdoor showers. In the middle of the circular building is an outdoor cold bath that, set at 39 degrees Fahrenheit, is sure to get your heart pumping. Guests can choose from a wide-range of holistic treatments geared towards relaxation and wellness.

a warm living space with large glass wall

The hotel offers six wooden Scandinavian-inspired cabins, which were all built with natural and sustainable materials, that will float on the water during summer or stand frozen on the ice in the winter months. There is also a larger cabin located nearby and a private suite with loft space  nearby. All of the structures feature large walls of glass as well as open-air wooden decks to take in the incredible surroundings.

a circular building covered in large timber pieces

Besides the treatments on offer, guests to the unique hotel will be able to enjoy a wide array of activities. Dog sledding through the snow-covered forests is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For those visiting during the months of August to April, the northern lights fill the night sky over the hotel.

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Images via Daniel Holmgren and Pasquale Baseotto