The mythical god of the sea would be proud of his new clean energy-generating namesake. Danish company Floating Power Plant will be announcing plans for their prototype Poseidon 37 power generator today at the Nordic Green II a conference in Merino Park, California. The 230 meter long commercial plant borrows technology used to keep oil rigs afloat in raging seas and will produce 50 gigawatts of hydro and wind power a year.

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Typically offshore wind farms fare well in the roughest seas, so Floating Power Plant decided to make use of all of the energy available with their new system. We’ve covered floating power plants before, but this one seems to be larger and sturdier than those we’ve seen. Engineering the platform to be long, low to the water and really large (much like an oil rig) makes flipping it over a tough feat for a wave.

Along with being physically stable, the platform should prove to be financially stable as well. Wave power can be unreliable, so placing the wind turbines over the platform guarantees the energy output of Poseidon. The company thinks the energy cost for the Poseidon plant will be 10 to 15 Euro cents per kilowatt hour (US energy averages 11 cents per kilowatt hour) which is competitive with current European charges. We’re looking forward to hearing more about the company’s plans for the concept at Nordic Green II on Wednesday.

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