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Depth variations on river Lahn presented a challenging task for the architects. As a solution, the sauna was built as a floating pontoon structure using 20 rectangular floats supported by a steel framework. The structure is securely connected to land with hinge-mounted steel cylindrical tubes.

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The larchwood-clad exterior of the sauna was chosen by the architects to complement the natural surroundings. On the interior, a soothing combination of brushed alder and abachi wood slats were used on the walls and ceiling. Polished anthracite-colored porcelain stoneware and glass-mosaic tiles decorate the common areas throughout the building in order to create a cohesive atmosphere of well-being.

Inside the compact structure, visitors can relax in one of the two Finnish saunas with floor-to-ceiling windows, a relaxation room with a bar, and a sundeck that offers stunning views of the surrounding river landscape.

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Photos by David Matthiessen