A vertical garden is one of the most eye-catching ways to decorate an empty wall, but how do you move beyond crawling ivy for a more colorful and luscious canvas? After receiving hundreds of emails for DIY tips on how to re-create their ‘succulent walls,’ Flora Grubb has produced a modular paneling system simple enough for even the most botanically inept to manage a beautiful living mosaic.

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Each 20″x20″ panel contains slanted planting cells able to support an array of plants and soil. Typically panels are set flat for a few months to allow the roots to grow and develop into the individual cells, and then propped up onto a wall once they’re stable. A garden setup requires free drainage — they can be irrigated manually using a garden hose or can be fixed to accommodate a built-in irrigation line for automatic watering.

With 45 open cells per panel, the combination of plants and flowers you can choose are endless. By the time you’ve created your final arrangement, you’ll be able to deem yourself the next Monet!

+ Flora Grubb