Suspended from the ceiling by just a few threads and completely unencumbered by pots or containers, these string-bound flora are probably the coolest hanging gardens we’ve seen since Babylon. The work of Fedor van der Valk, the spherical balls of dirt are enveloped in a cocoon of web-like string, and sprout everything from fruit trees to succulents. The resulting gardens are works of art which seem to defy gravity and completely eliminate the need for pots.

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“For a while I wanted to make animated videos with crocheted landscapes which were a kind of 3-dimensional spider web covered in moss and grass” says van der Valk. “The idea was to create bonsai-esque plants. To keep the landscapes really airy, I decided to work with hanging plants.” And we’re glad he did!

Van der Valk uses a deft crocheting stitch to whip up the “frames,” so to speak, for his round masterpieces. He then impregnates them with different combinations of moss and earth which help the spheres to keep their shape. Some of the string gardens are mere fistfuls and some are massive – all are beautiful.

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Via Design.NL