If you’ve ever dreamed of levitating out of traffic when cycling to work, your dreams may soon come true. Three Czech companies have joined forces to develop a helicopter/bicycle hybrid, complete with giant propellers above the front and rear wheels. Although the bike isn’t quite ready to carry a human on board, it has already been tested by remote control and it can fly for five minutes straight.

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The helicopter bike prototype may look a little like the rider is transporting two wind turbines, but those cage-protected propellers create enough power to lift the bike vertically into flight. Weighing in at 209 pounds, the prototype has two large battery-operated propellers on the front and back, and one smaller propeller on each side which is supposed to give steering control in addition to flight.

It is unclear just what a helicopter bike will be used for in the future, with the obvious issue being safety-as falling off your bike would take on a whole new level of danger.

For now, the helicopter bike is operated by remote control, with a crash test dummy going for the inaugural ride rather than a human driver. The prototype will need further safety testing and much strong batteries to allow a human to cycle their way into flight. It is also unclear how the cyclist will control the steering once in flight, as the propellers are currently driven by remote control.

Via Gizmodo